December is here! We have been making a list here at our house of all the Christmas & winter activities that we want to squeeze in this month! I thought I would share the list here for anyone that needs ideas!

  • Write letters to Santa
  • Go sledding 
  • Decorate ginger bread houses
  • Make treats & take to a neighbor 
  • Draw names for sibling gifts ($10 limit)
  • Pull together all Christmas books and read by the tree
  • Come up with simple service ideas we can do
  • Make paper snowflakes 
  • Paint ornaments 
  • Draw ginger-bread houses on windows with chalk markers
  • Sleep out by the Christmas tree
  • Go caroling 
  • Put on a Christmas play 
  • Have a special family dinner by candlelight 
  • Donate used toys together 
  • Attend a Christmas concert or play
  • Have cocoa and play in the snow
  • Snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie by the fire  

Here is also your reminder to not try and do  e v e r y t h i n g  this time of year. Pick a couple ideas from the list and start there. Happy holidays! 

xoxo Hannah | Hello House Shop

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